In my current work, inspired by women’s apparel, I start each print by creating a linoleum cut of a crown or dress motif. I fill in the printed shape with a pattern or design taken from a diverse array of influences: playing cards, nature, old books and magazines and architectural details.  I layer the pattern and design onto the motif either by cutting up and collaging on a print or by printing directly onto the motif, integrating intaglio, collograph, linocut, and monotype into the finished pieces.

In my work I try to recognize and revalue traditionally feminine, humble tasks like cooking and sewing.  This current series in particular explores the connections between printmaking and making clothes, as well as between fine art and paper dolls.  Like clothing made from a mass-produced pattern, my prints of dresses or crowns are all the same shape, yet each edition or unique print conveys a sense of personality and examines pattern in a way that is personal to me. “Dressing” each print recalls making clothing for paper dolls, each in the same cookie-cutter shape, yet each different.

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